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Performance Testing

and Evaluation                       


Our Waterproofing Specialists are Experts at Performance Testing and Evaluation, On or Off Site


Aquatech Consultancy, Inc., (ACI), can perform product performance testing and evaluation, on or off site. Our industry experts offer professional water testing services to ASTM/AAMA industry standards. ACI specialists perform water infiltration testing and evaluation and leak detection tests to accurately identify moisture problems within construction projects and products. Our dedicated team of experts offer performance water testing and analysis services in the field or in the lab.


Utilizing ASTM E2128, “Standard Guide for Evaluating Water Leakage of Building Walls,” ACI performs building evaluations for a large variety of exterior building finishes.


ACI can meet any and all of your water testing & evaluation needs and specializes in the following:


Professional Water Testing and Product Performance Testing  

Product testing at manufacturer's plant.

Field & Lab Evaluation:

  • Flexibility / Durometer
  • Adhesion Testing
  • Borescopic Examinations


Mil Thickness Assessment

Performance Testing

(ASTM E1105/AAMA 501.2):

  • Windows/ Curtain Walls
  • Quality Control (QC)

(ASTM E514 & E1601):

  • Masonry Wall Testing

Third Party Observation

Moisture Emission Tests (MET)

Video and Photographic Services


If you need expert handling of water testing, performance testing and evaluation, give us a call so our team can get started testing and evaluating your product or project today. ACI specialists adhere to strict industry standards and will handle your project with expert professionalism.


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